Every successful product has a great story scribed. It goes along with numerous patterns and procedures which make them a cluster of cavalcade itself.

Our Approach


Easy Handle LPG Gas Trolley

Enjoy the eaziness of pulling….     Multipurpose Pulling Gas Trolley – A Tesla Device   Method of Handling Just hook-up the LPG cylinder. Support the axle with foot and tilt the handle towards you for loading LPG cylinder; avoids manual lifting. Pull the loaded trolley along the bare ground, even steps. At the destination support the…

Patient Transfer device

    Transfer/repositioning assist devices are primarily used to provide a safer means of moving and transferring a person, who has lost mobility of legs, from one place to another. Here we propose a kind of transfer devices that is very cheap and can be used in hospital as well as in houses.   Slide/transfer…

Wheel Chair Powered handle

This device or attachment consists of a handle with power-kit and wheel for making any wheelchair into a powered one. It can be fitted into any ordinary wheelchair suitably. Claims of the Product Can Transfer patients in the sitting position from one platform to another. Ensure safer handling. The caregiver need not exert extra effort…

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